Cycle: Frontier tips

The Cycle: Frontier is often called a massive multiplayer competitive shooter. The game has a mixture of both PVE and PVP. Although you can think that your ego will be easily handled with enemies controlled by AI, of course, will be tested when it comes to a collision with real players.

Therefore, it will never hurt to find out some tips on how to get an advantage over opponents in The Cycle: Frontier. The next leadership will tell you what you need to know in order to stay ahead of competitors.

Cycle: Frontier tips

If you want to get to the final content as quickly and efficiently as possible, you need to know a few important tips and techniques.

If you are a beginner, studying these tips will give you an excellent start that will allow you to stay ten steps ahead of your competitors from the very beginning. Even if you are a veteran, most of these tips will still be useful to you, since they will remain useful regardless of how deep you will plunge into the passage of The Cycle: Frontier.

Communication is important!

In such a massive playing game as The Cycle: Frontier, you can never know what to expect on the battlefield. It can also become difficult to know exactly what is happening on the map.

Hence the importance of constant communication with their allies. The transmission of important information, for example, where enemies are restrained or where you go, will allow the group to function as a whole. It will also increase your chances of discharge.

The best way to communicate is the voice function of Push-to-Talk, which is by default tuned to your T key. If you hold the t, you can talk with the players nearby.

If you do not have a microphone or you cannot use it for any reason, you have nothing to worry about, since you can communicate using F3 and Alt buttons.

When you press F3, you will have two options. You can put a symbol of the world or a symbol of war. Use it properly.

When you press ALT, you will have several options for a dialogue to choose from. You can make your character pronounce phrases such as Help! Or don’t shoot the players.

Equip hand-to-hand combat to run faster

For experienced FPS gamers, this will be an obvious advice. But many players who are poorly familiar with the FP genre are likely to not know about this mechanics.

In The Cycle: Frontier, the weight of your weapon slows you down while running. This is directly related to your control of endurance. Since you have to run painfully in this game, you need to move from one place to another as soon as possible.

The easiest way to increase the speed of movement in The Cycle: Frontier is just to equip near-fight weapons or tools. The slight weight of hand-to-hand combat/tool will allow you to run much faster.

You can also increase your endurance by equipping only one heavy weapon, not two.

Use sights to mask your traces

When you squat and move in The Cycle: Frontier, you make very loud and noticeable sounds. If you are trying to sneak up after the player, you will declare your position in advance if you are noisy.

There is a bypass to this problem. If you equip a gun and open its sight, you can crawl silently.

For this strategy, it is best to use a 4-fold sight, since it gives you a maximum review, allowing you to see your peripheral device.

Sit to quickly restore endurance

The exhaustion of endurance and the need to forever wait for its reloading is one of the most annoying things that you will have to face in the game. But there is a simple way to speed up the process of reloading endurance in The Cycle: Frontier.

All you need to do is squatting while your endurance is restored. This will reload your endurance much faster than if you stood instead during reloading.

Use a textbook for practice

If you want to study certain areas of bright sands without encountering other players, training will suit you.

The training program can be played endlessly, and it allows you to explore various areas of bright sands without worrying about any1. After going through training, you will get acquainted with all the intricacies of the card, which will help you better play it in multi-user mode.

Contract several fractions at the same time

When it comes to increasing the level of fractions for their awards, an effective way is to choose three missions at the same time. This will save you precious time and nerves. Do not forget to save your items so that you can send them to fulfill the missions as soon as they are available.

Use a box for disposal and improving equipment

Go to the income generator and update your Aurum generators as quickly as possible.

Aurum will allow you to use the disposal of equipment instead of standard insurance when you get into the raid.

Salvation of equipment is one of the most important features of the game. Gear Salvage is a special type of insurance that must be used for objects that cannot be bought at the station.

If you have utilized equipment on the subject, and you die in the raid (throwing this subject), you will return the item back to the income generator, but only if the player was not evacuated with your subject.

Then you can connect this with the Safe Pocket Capacy option in your inventory. You need to improve it as much as possible, as this will guarantee the safety of some of your objects during raids.

If instead you use standard insurance for the subject, you just get a few K-Marks as compensation for it. The subject will be lost forever, and you will have to look for it again.

The generator of the boxes with supplies will give you new items for free every day at the entrance to the game. You can click on a box with supplies to see all the possible items that you can get from it every day. The more you improve the suction box, the better the production will be.

don’t forget to fix your armor

When you complete the raid in The Cycle: Frontier, you can overdo it and jump immediately to another raid. That would be a big mistake.

Each part of your set of armor in the game has a level of strength. When you get damage from other players, the strength of your armor is rapidly reduced, and in the end it will break.

If you jump from one raid to another without fixing your armor, you most likely break your set of armor and become extremely vulnerable in the second raid. Therefore, before each raid, be sure to repair your armor at the repair station.

Remove heavy breathing

This advice may be one of the most changing the life of the advice on this list. Whenever your character ends with endurance in The Cycle: Frontier, he begins to breathe very hard; At the same time, making sharp sounds that are heard by enemies.

If you look like us and are tired of listening to how your character breathes so hard, you can even remove the sound.

To do this, go to Settings, go to the Audio section and reduce the dialogue volume. As soon as you do this, the sound of the heavy breathing of your character will decrease significantly.

Please note that you should not reduce the volume of dialogs to zero, as this will completely remove all the sounds of dialogs from the game; What makes you difficult to communicate with the players.

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