A guide for prospective representatives who want to make my game

Topic: * From the team member to the startup representative-from the eighth year server programmer to the 4th year startup representative **

Lecture: Kang Ki-sung-Shine Games / SHINEGAMES

Announcement: Start-up, game development, startup operation

Recommended target: If you are interested in starting a business

Difficulty: Unnecessary knowledge: content that can be understood even if you have no major or career at all

[Lecture Topic] The first company has been developing as a server programmer in the Action Square, and starting the Shine Games in 2019, preparing for start-ups through various examples of successful investments in Seed in May 2020 and Series A Investment in March 2022 It is composed of stories to help those who are interested in starting a business or to start a business.

If you are a game developer, each of them has a desire to create a game that is led by me, but it’s not really easy. If you start working as a planner and luckily sew the main PD, you will be able to lead the game production, but most of the people on the game production pipeline, which are as large as thousands of large and small involvement, play a role as one tooth rather than leading the lead. I just do it.

Nevertheless, developers who challenge to create ‘My Game’ rather than the games planned by others appear steadily. The same is true of Kang Ki-sung, CEO of Shine Games. Four years ago, he worked as a server programmer for a mid-sized developer, and he began to find his own dream after quitting his work for eight years. The trial and error that follows in this process is probably natural. Kang Ki-sung’s lecture, which was released on the second day of NDC 2022, was a guideline for the concerns and questions that the beginner startup representative had to face.

#1 Lying down and reach out.

There are factors to think about before starting a business. There’s nothing to hit the company and come out and say, ‘I’m a representative from now on.’ The minimum preconditions for start-ups are required, and three types of game startups need three things. It is a core member of the start-up to create a game together, the minimum capital for the establishment of the company, and the office space to work with.

The important thing is to establish an office space. Although the office rent can be saved through the home work system, if you do home work from the early days when the system is not equipped, the decision-making decision may be significantly slowed down, which may lead to a larger time and amount of money than the rent.

The method proposed by Kang Ki-sung is to apply to the Global Game Hub Center, which is applied by the Korea Creative Content Agency. These government support centers, including each local government game center, are often possible not only for rent and management expenses, but also for the know-how and equipment support for development.

#2 Investment, what should I do?

Startups must be invested several times until they go beyond the break-even point. It is definitely difficult to attract investments without name values, but it is not impossible. The elements required for investments, which Kang Ki-sung explained to his experience, is a well-made prototype. Prototypes with their strengths in their strengths can be reliable for investors.

It is also a good idea to actively use the network that has accumulated before leaving. When industry officials are word of mouth, this naturally flows into the ears of investors. Investment is obviously difficult, but the possibility is increasing depending on how the representative is trying.

#3 retirement: If you have a meeting, there is a breakup.

Even if investment is managed and succeeded in starting a business, the future is still a thorny road. If you have a meeting, there is a breakup. If the team members who are likely to be together forever start to resign, the road is dark. There are many reasons. From the simplest salary problem to the larger and better company offers, and fiscal anxiety. There is no way other than preparation. Creating as many opportunities as possible to identify the deficiency of each employee and solve it in advance.

#4 Finance: How long is it not enough?

Even if you start a business in the initial investment and start a business, if you do not have a successor investment, you will easily fall into financial instability for startups without cash cows. The anxiety of finances is the same as a underlying disease that causes various complications, so just leave the team members’ fraudstrate to retirees and reduce work efficiency. Loan is risk, but it is the fastest way to solve it. The important thing is that fiscal instability must be made before the adverse effects. The psychological rejection of the loan is severe, but it is time to make a decision.

#5 Job: I get people here in the world

Startups are a weak corporate structure. The largest fiscal anxiety mentioned above is the largest, but the only difficult part is the management of the workforce. Whenever a retired company occurs, the representative’s head squeezes his head because the startup is a scab with a dimerite in the job market. It is only the minimum condition for the salary. Representative Kang Ki-sung distributed the stock options by taking risks to all employees who joined the company, and tried to create a sense of belonging and unity by making time for every1. The minimum condition for becoming an attractive job for job seekers is wages, but you have to do everything you can.

#6 government support projects with many opportunities

The six letters of ‘government support project’ actually do not give a good image. You will be aiming for blind money or despise of tax thief. However, if you look closely, the government’s support project is a stepping stone to reduce risks and make new challenges.

It is the first thing to visit each local government contents promotion and find out for the support project. However, it should be remembered that the profit generation through the main purpose game development is always a ground name. This is because relying on support projects can be a conductive company that only walks in place without development.

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