Where to find the Grapple Glove in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3?

GraphPle Glove has leaked as an exciting new instrument with which players can experiment in battle. It is not entirely clear where exactly this glove appears most often, but there are rumors where to look.

is GraphPle Glove in the 3rd season Fortnite, Chapter 3?

This is less clear than it might seem. Hypex, a popular Fortnite insider, has leaked a glove. Although information about this tool circulates in the Fortnite community, it is unclear whether it will be part of the current chapter or will appear later. We will update this article as soon as more information appears.

Где находится перчатка для захвата в 3-м сезоне Fortnite, глава 3?

Most likely, you will look for a set of Grapple Glove tools, which, according to rumors, is a special item created to hold Grapple Glove. These boxes are characterized by bright purple and have two drawers at the bottom. Presumably, these boxes with tools can be found throughout the map, but some walk according to rumors. Fortnight players that they are especially easy to notice in more natural places, for example, next to trees and bushes.

how to damage opponents using Grapple Glove in Fortnite


If you are familiar with other instruments based on graphs, Grapple Glove will be quite easy for you to use to use. Start by directing the glove to the place where you want to go. When you are ready to swing in the air, hold the fire control button to do this. This will push your player in the air and allow him to shoot more freely, and also give an additional bonus, turning your player into a moving target. There are rumors that the Grapple Glove has 10 shots in competitive and 30 shots in public games.

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