V rising starts hard with more than 500,000 sales in three days

It is a very nice blow that Sign Stunlock Studios with V Rising. In just three days, the vampiric survival game found more than 500,000 buyers on Steam, also seizing the head of sales on this platform.

With its tariff of 20 euros, V rising is indeed ahead of Arma Reforger, also released on May 17 in early access, in the Steam sales classification of the past week. With 87% positive assessments on the part of the players, the start -up is promising for Stunlock Studios, which has already been successful in 2017 with its battlerite arena fighting game. With V Rising, the Swedish studio turned to a vampiric survival game in open world where the goal is to become the next Dracula by building a castle, by reigning terror in the villages and gaining in power, alone or With other long -tooth comrades, knowing that a server can accommodate up to 50 players.

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V rising – launch trailer

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