The Pokemon jully cover in Japan are awesome: When is that finally available with us?

Pokémon is omnipresent. The franchise is so huge and world famous, almost everyone knows Pikachu & Co or at least heard of the little pocket monsters. We not only find them on TV and in video games, but also on T-shirts, backpacks, bed linen, drinking cups, shoes, watches, pencils-I could go on forever.

What I would never have expected: Pokémon-Gully cover. But now that I know her, I want to have her with us too. Because my collective alarm bells ring not only.

Annika Bavendiek


Actually, Annika doesn’t have much for collecting hobbies unless it is about Pokémon. Starting with Pokémon red, the collecting of the monsters in the games and in the trading card game is simply part of them. When you see the gully cover, she is similar.

Pokémon-Gullys as a tourist attraction

First of all: Why is there the Pokémon Gully Deck in Japan at all? Because they are part of the Pokémon Local acts initiative to boost tourism. This includes not only the versatile Poké Lids, i.e. the gully cover, but also products such as key rings, drinks and more that aim at the Pokémon mascot in the respective region.

Most recently, with Mauzi, Alola-Mauzi and Galar-Mauzi, three new gully cover for the Japanese Prefecture Saga, which you can see here:

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Do you want to see more Pokémon-Gully cover? Then drop by on this website and click on the regions.

I also want Pokémon-Gully cover!

When I saw this gully’s lid, I searched for more. Because where a Pokémon is, others are not far. And in fact I found a kind of card and overviews on an official website for the many different gully cover, which are among others in Okinawa, Kagoshima or Hokkaido – just like here:

Pokémon such as the Evoli developments, Kanto starter, Mew, Flegmon, Kleinstein and many more adorn the Japanese roads with their colorful designs. And that’s exactly what I want with us, or preferably worldwide.

The reasons for this are simple: Because in me the collective urge was triggered again, which I have simply connected with Pokémon since the beginning. I imagine at least very interesting to walk comfortably through the area and discover Pokémon-Gully cover and virtually collect through photos. A little like Pokémon Go or Geocaching.

advantage number 1: * You get movement
advantage number 2: You also discover areas where you will not stay otherwise
Advantage number 3: * It promotes, as intended in Japan, tourism and thus local business.

Therefore my appeal to the Pokémon Company: with the gullycover does not stop at the Japanese border, but distributes it everywhere, preferably with QR codes for information on the Pokémon and the region.

Okay, admittedly, it cannot be copied and would not do justice to Japan and their achievement Pokémon as it should, but you will probably still be allowed to dream.

or what do you say about the gullycover? Would you like to see them on the streets too, or would that be too colorful for you? Would you perhaps prefer other creative gully cover?

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