Where to find the king of the quincy robbers in V Riding

If you want to find and defeat the Kings Kings Kings in V Rising, you need to go to the bandits fortress in the Farbein forest. But before you go to the bandits’s fortress, you will need to do the following things:

Increase your level of equipment to level 37: * If you do not pump your equipment, the battle with Cuinsey will be more difficult.
Get explosives or a bear shape: * If you do not have explosives or the appearance of a bear, you cannot break through the gates of the bandit citadel.

After you have made the necessary preparations and performed the steps described above, you will be ready to fight with the king of bandits in the place below, for the bandit fortress .

How to get a small explosives in V Rising

To get the minor Explosives to explode the Bandit Strong Hold gate, you first need to kill Clive the Firestarter. Having killed Clive, you can make minor explosives inside alchemical table using the following resources:

Quincey The Bandit King Location V Rising
8 sulfur: * You can get sulfur in V Rising, growing sulfuric nodes that can appear in the wild or in certain places, such as Bandit Sulphur Quarry.
8 boards: You can get boards, throwing logs at the sawmill.
4 Brushs: You can get sharpened stones by processing certain enemies and places, such as the arms chamber of bandits.

How to get a bear form in V Riding

To get a bear shape in V Rising, you need to find and kill a ferocious boss-medved in a bear cave. After the murder of the Boss Medved, you can use the form of a bear by holding left control and choosing it on a vampire wheel.

How to increase the level of equipment to a level of 37+ in V RISing

An increase in equipment level, as a rule, is easy in V Rising. All you need to do is do the best weapons and armor, and each of them will increase your level of equipment by a certain value. If you want to raise your level of equipment high enough to fight with cuinsi, the king of bandits , you will need to make the best objects. The following items will help you raise your level of equipment above 37 level :

  • Ruthless copper weapons
  • Ruthless crossbow
  • Full set of armor “Merciless night hunter”
  • Foggy print

How to defeat Kings Kings Kings in V Riding

The victory over Kunisi’s robbers in V Rising itself is not an easy task, so we strongly recommend taking with us a friend who will help you kill them. You must also cook several potions, as your health will quickly end if you are not careful. We recommend using the following potions in V Rising:

Blood rose decoction: * restores 4 percent of maximum health every 1 second for 10 seconds.
Enchanted decoction: * increases the force of spells by 4 by 20 minutes.

As soon as you prepare a few potions, you will be ready to find the king of the robbers. During the battle, you need to follow the attack that he does. A charged attack will cause serious damage, we recommend using blood veils or bones to leave the road. You can also just step aside if you do it early enough. Another thing that should be remembered is not to approach for too long. In short, the king of the bandits has an attack that can stun you.

While you are stunned, he will often attack you with a charge that can destroy you. Because of this, you will need to dodge and constantly move. We recommend using a ruthless copper sword, and this is the ability to rotate between movement and evasion. Combine sword with AFTERKU and chaos of the waves and you slowly melt the health of Queens, King of the bandits, eventually defeating him.

What is Bandit Stronghold in V Riding?

The fortress of bandits is a location of the middle level in the Farbein forest. The location after the murder of the king of the robbers is best used for the farm of the following resources:

  • Sulfuric ore
  • Broaches
  • Paper

To obtain additional guides on V Rising, we recommend that we familiarize ourselves with the sections “Where to find copper ore in V Riding” and “How to unblock a leather factory in V Riding” here, in professional games.

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