Quite nostalgic outfits return to Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super

Since Dragon Ball Super Aired Many of his characters have not changed his appearance, and one of the most recognizable are the clothes that the now most powerful duo of the saga carries, Goku and and _Vegeta**. However, in the manga things are about to take a special turn for the characters, bringing back an outfit that many recognize.

In the current manga arch a special flashback was developed, in which it was appreciated to bardock having a confrontation with the most dangerous villain on duty, gas, all to give the heroes a better point of view. And now that it has ended, Monaito offers them to cure and change their clothes, these uniforms being Saiyan as those seen in z.

Goku & Vegeta using fusion technique for first time to become Gogeta. Vegeta feels shy (English Dub)
Here the advance that was offered to fans:

The advance of the next episode of Dragon Ball Super in manga shows that after flashback, the fight with gas will continue. The delivery of the armor is something nostalgic, but it is the first time that Goku_* * Use one of these. In addition, he is seen complaining when he puts it on, that suggests Monito** How he would not like to look like his father.

With the argument that the saga is currently working, it is evident that fans will want the animated segments in some way, but for now it is not known if toei animation will want to continue soon with the story. Meanwhile, the movie of super hero will be released, which will arrive in summer in Japan, it will also do so in Mexico a few months later.

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