New details about a large update Tiger School for Mmorpg Blade & Soul

Innova company shared new details about the upcoming large update of Tiger for the Russian -speaking version of MMORPG Blade & Soul, which will be installed on the server tomorrow, May 17.

In addition to the new dungeon, events, adjustments to inter -server dungeons and characters’ skills, players are waiting for several more changes:

  • In terms of the plot, 12 act will acquire the first six chapters;
  • The number of Hon’s path levels will be increased to 45 along with an increase in the level of use of amulets of reputation to 44;
  • New sphere of the desires of heaven and the stone of the spirit-defender of the salty lake will be available;
  • When creating a character in the race of Lin, you can choose the masters of the shadow;
  • In hard -wide dungeons, the effect was replaced by instant death by 90% damage from the hero’s hitpinds, provided that the mechanic of the battle with the boss was not fulfilled.

Blade & Soul New Update

Of course, various errors have also become part of the update. You can read in more detail about all changes in the official message of the Innov.

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