Create tool with Pokemon -style game “Dokimon +Montamer Maker!”

YANAKO RPGS LLC has launched a Kickstarter campaign for “* Dokimon +Montamer Maker!” Containing a monster training game and a game engine.

This campaign is a crowdfunding with a set of RPG “Dokimon”, which adventures with mysterious creatures, and “MONSTER TAKER”, a tool used for the production. “MONSTER TAKER” is a game engine that can customize not only monsters and characters but also battle systems. You can import custom assets and export assets created with this engine to other game engines.

Currently, about 30 % of the project has been completed, and when the support amount reaches the target $ 10,000, it will implement a “doubled to three assets”. In addition, the asset provided by this engine is a Game Boy -style art style, but the 2D material prepared separately can be used.

At the time of the article release, the project support amount has reached about $ 5,000, and when it exceeds $ 50,000, the game will be released on a console such as Nintendo Switch or iOS/Android. Please note that the game engine “MONSTER TAMER” will be distributed to Bakka, which supported more than $ 70.

Kickstarter campaign “Dokimon + Montamer Maker! Is scheduled to be held until June 13, 2022 Japan time.

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