Austria defies the USA point

The two -time title holder USA prevented a embarrassment against Austria in the 3-2 in Tampere in Group B – and only after extra time. Adam Gaudette from the NHL-Club Ottawa Senators only equalized for the favorite after 0-2 behind in the final third (48th). It was only 18-year-old Luke Hughes who, after three minutes in the Overtime, still scored the winning goal against the defensive Alpine countries. Benjamin Nissner (15th) and Paul Huber (35th) gave Austria 2-0.

In Group B, Norway also won the first points after the 0: 5 loss to the start against Olympic champion Finland against Great Britain. However, only two with a 4: 2 only after penalty shooting.

Texier Gives France the turn

Austria, Sustainable Development Group, Yemen & other topics - Daily Press Briefing (11 May 2022)

Defending champion Canada, on the other hand, won 6-1 in the “German” group A after short start -up difficulties. Travis Sanheim (16.), Josh Anderson (29th), Nicolas Roy (36.), Kent Johnson (38th), Dysin Mayo (43.) and Noah Gregor (55.) scored the goals for Canada. Phil Pietroniro (13th) even put the Italians in the lead in the first third.

Germany’s next group opponent France (Monday, 7.20 p.m.) won the first win in the outsider duel against Kazakhstan. After Valeri Oreekhov brought the Kazakhs early (6th), the French turned the skewer to the middle third by NHL striker Alexandre Texier (33.) and Florian Chakiachvili (40th) – at Assist from Texier.

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