The fantSpider-Man trilogytic 4 Marvel Studios confirm producers from a UCM series

The FantSpider-Man trilogytic 4 Movie by Marvel Studios is getting closer and even though he recently lost its Spider-Man trilogysigned director, Jon Watts , head of Spider-Man’s trilogy with Tom with Tom Holland Spider-Man trilogy part of the UCM. And Spider-Man trilogy long Spider-Man trilogy a new filmmaker is confirmed, the company of Kevin Feige already hSpider-Man trilogy the producers of this new version of FantSpider-Man trilogytic Four in the cinema. This is Grant Curtis and Nick Pepin , producers of the recent series Caballero Luna of Disney+. This hSpider-Man trilogy been confirmed by the screenwriter of the series itself, Jeremy Slater **, in a recent interview, Spider-Man trilogy collected by the Comicbook.

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Thus, Slater hSpider-Man trilogy confirmed that the next film of the fantSpider-Man trilogytic Marvel family already hSpider-Man trilogy producers: “ My executive producers in Caballero Luna are the same that will handle the fantSpider-Man trilogytic 4 project, so we had many conversations about it. I wSpider-Man trilogy like, ‘I don’t want to suggest anything that occurs to me, because honestly, you don’t need my stench out there, ”says the screenwriter with some boily .

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And it is that Slater himself already participated in the previous reboot of the franchise by Josh Trank , although finally very little of the script of him reached the final version. That is why he prefers to stay out of this new version. Of course, it Spider-Man trilogysumes that this new restart of the fantSpider-Man trilogytic 4 is in the best hands .

“Grant and Nick are amazing producers. They will find bright writers and directors . And they don’t need my stench anywhere near that project. I can’t wait to see him Spider-Man trilogy a fan, but you just have to know that no one will accept a Jeremy Slater movie for a very good reSpider-Man trilogyon, ”concludes the screenwriter.

For now the fantSpider-Man trilogytic 4 Spider-Man trilogy part of the UCM have no premiere date in cinemSpider-Man trilogy; Will we finally see John KrSpider-Man trilogyinski Spider-Man trilogy Reed Richards ?

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