Game mothers gradually join the video game industry

In the last decade the fashion of video games has gone up, everything is due to the power of the Internet and its way of spreading the information, to this great titles are added such as _ Minecraft _ , which made this hobby as a hobby as A lifestyle. However, one of the trends that has surprised in a current way are the number of moms who consume this hobby.

To get to this statement, first it had to start some more general numbers, because _ Activision Blizzard Media _ and _ alter agent _ were the trigger to see how many gamers exist in the world. Reaching an approximate figure of _2.7 billion _ of users within the business, either in cell phones, consoles or _ PC _ .

Thus it was perceived that more than two thirds of mothers prove different software, but a little less than half are considered themselves with the pseudonym of players. The sector covers the ages between _ 25 and 54 years _ . Also, these women regularly have 18 -year -old children, age in which the use of programs is a bit more active.

How Activision Conquered The Video Game Industry
The growth of the mobile world has contributed these numbers, since 90% of women enter entertainment applications once a week, although 74% do so daily. This can be from titles such as _ Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Call of Duty Mobile, Candy Crush, League of Legends Wild Rift _ and _ Pokémon Unite _ .

On the other hand, a slightly smaller sector is not limited to mobile applications, since there are currently more girls who enter great games such as _Genshin Impact, _ _ Minecraft, Call of Duty: Warzone_ y _dead by daylight _ . This behind your own team that goes from a _ pc _ ** that has what is necessary, to some with very high range components.

is a trend that comes to stay

Regarding the latter, some of these women already have children, some very short age and others a little more advanced, specifically boys entering the adolescence stage. Of course, all girls have their own favorite titles and ways to play, for that reason there is no stereotype of a mother Game as is, and that thanks to the diversity of video games in the market.

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