The Gold Wii is already on sale again

In 2009, Thq gave the Queen of England a Wii bathed in 24 carat gold. For years, this collection piece remained in the possessions of the royal family, without someone giving importance to the console. However, last year it was announced that someone managed to obtain this collection piece, and planned to sell it at $ 300,000. However, problems with eBay caused this transaction not to be possible. Fortunately, The seller has finally found the Wii of 24 gold caps.

Originally, Don, the seller, had to auction the gold Wii on eBay, where he obtained offers up to $ 300 thousand dollars. However, after this site changed its policies, with which it became impossible for someone without reputation of the player with the largest pocket **. This is the description offered:

“Here the last collection of Wii is presented, especially in charge of her majesty the queen of her for a ploy of marketing (something silly and, ultimately, without success),‘ The Golden Wii ’. The console and control are bathed in 24 carat gold. Both exhibit lower handling wear, and control shows scattered chips in the gold bath. The package includes the console, a control, a copy of Big Family Games, the sensor bar and all the necessary cables. The Wii will come with a letter of origin of our consigner that accredits its history and authenticity ”

What Happened to the Queen's Golden Wii?

Together with the gold console and its attachments, a copy of Big Family Games is also included. The auction began with an offer of only $ 1,500 , but it is very likely that this number will rise substantially until May 22, the day this process will come to an end. How much money are you willing to pay for a collection piece that was among the positions of the Queen of England?

Speaking about the legacy of this console, Reggie fought against Miyamoto to include wii sports with each Wii.

Editor’s note:

Considering that Pokémon letters have cost thousands of dollars, it would not be unreasonable to think that collectors try to mortgage their houses to get this gold Wii, regardless of how many million dollars it costs them. I am happy with my white Wii.

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