Rodgers does not expect Mourinho no counterpart

The first leg a week ago on the island ended 1: 1 – an own goal of Mancini denied goal scorer Pellegrini the title as a match winner. Especially with a view to the abolition of the away goal control in the European Cup, everything is open in Rome.

Leicester’s Maddison and Dewsbury-Hall, who was fitting for the heavy away game, became FICESTER MADDISE and DEWSBURY-HALL, the Coach Rodgers confirmed at the press conference. The duo was still missing in the 1: 3 against Tottenham last Sunday. There was also the green light for striker Vardy, who is supposed to make life difficult for the Roma back team.

Mourinho, coach at the traditional Italian club, can mean that his eighth European finale can reach. The Roma fans dream of the first title since 2008 – at that time the Giallorossi won the Coppa Italia.

Over 70,000 fans in the sold -out Olimpico want to help to lift the fifth in the fifth in the series A. Rodgers does not fear the atmosphere in the eternal city, his team has experienced enough “witch boilers” in the past: “I suspect that the game becomes similar to that. The risk of the Roma is particularly in the case of counterattacks and standard situations. “

Rodgers was also asked at the PK that he had given his former sponsor Mourinho Rodgers a bottle of wine during Mourinho’s first term at Chelsea’s youth coach of the blues. The Northern IRE does not expect a special consideration: “Maybe a cup of tea. I’m not a big drinker. I have nothing against a glass of wine, but he doesn’t have to give me anything. That was a gesture of respect.”

Mourinho interrupted Rodgers interview

Abraham has Hitchens and Montella firmly at a glance

The Foxes should undoubtedly also have respect for Roma-Torgiart Abraham. The Englishman has already scored 24 goals in 48 competitive games this season. In Serie A, the English international plays only one goal to hire the record of an Englishman within one season. Gerry Hitchens made 16 goals for Inter Milan in 1961/62 – Abraham is currently 15.

And the next milestone is also waving to the club: Abraham hits Leicester and scores his ninth goal in the twelfth Conference League game this season, he would advance to the top 10 top goal scorers of the Giallorossi. Vincenzo Montella, standing in tenth, has also hit the mark in 25 Champions League (2) and 21 UEFA Cup games (7).

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