Yacha of a bitter attack is on the black desert mobile

BLACK DESERT MOBILE: Account, Server, Class, Character Preview (Best Tip Ever Answer)
Pearl Abyss (CEO Hur Jin -young) updated the Awakening Class ‘Yacha’ of the Black Desert Mobile today (3 days).

‘Yacha’ is a awakening class that uses main weapons and auxiliary weapons. Yacha has a bitter attack power that focuses firepower instantaneously in connection with ‘Bok -horn’. He has the title of the battlefield ruler with a fast and heavy blow and a strong beast.

Pearl Abyss will hold the Yacha launch ‘Daily Training’ event until 9:00 am on May 17. If you complete the commission that kills the game and kills the surrounding enemies in every day, you can get up to 750,000 integers of magic and 15 scrolls of lucky. Depending on the cumulative number of missions, you will also receive 3 kinds of ancient rating equipment, the axis of chaos, and 1,000 black pearls.

In addition, new and return user events are also held. The user can obtain an ancient grade pitch, chaos, and dimensional sculptures that have been strengthened by achieving the target level by 9 am on June 28. Collect all three rewards to produce a chaos grade pitch.

In addition, on May 5 and May 8, ‘Children’s Day Event’ and ‘Mother’s Day Event’ will be held.

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