To play through The Quarry, you need between 10 and 1860 hours

Supermassive Games has gave all fans of interactive horror a huge pleasure with the announcement of The Quarry. In a few weeks we can defend ourselves against all possible forms of horror with a group of teenagers. The title is supposed to compete in the legacy of Until Dawn, and there are various parallels – this also affects The Quarry’s season, which Game Director Will BY BYNES.

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The Quarry: A spiritual Until Dawn successor


The Quarry is not particularly long, but that doesn’t matter

You take so long for The Quarry: In an interview with the Segmentnext portal, BYLES records that we will need “about ten hours” for a pass. That corresponds pretty much that we expected. For UNTIL DAWN, an average of nine hours (via How Long to Beat), so not noticeably less. However, The Quarry is even more in the foreground than with the spiritual predecessor: the reflection value:

The game is so designed that it has a high reflection, since we expect that many of you want to try alternative routes and decisions. If you want to see every combination, you will need a very long time.

There are 186 ends: exactly how long it takes to really see everything in The Quarry does not put BYLES, but is simple math. As we already know, the developer studio missed the title of 186 different ends. With a game round of ten hours, this would mean a total playing time of 1860 hours.

The Quarry Looks AMAZING - 30 Minutes Of NEW Gameplay Released

The Quarry’s announcement trailer is strongly reminiscent of Until Dawn:

you can also shorten the season

Of course there are ways to press the number of hours a little. On the one hand, we will probably be able to use our scores several times to try out the outcome of various decisions.

On the other hand, Supermassive has installed the so-called DEATH FREWING System . Once we have completed the story (or bought the Deluxe Edition), we get three lives with which we can return to a point in the campaign that is responsible for the death of a character-this can be an action scene or also be a decision.

Or you can simply choose the film mode, in which you set the behavior of the teenagers and in the rest of the story you don’t have to press a single button.

The Quarry appears on 10. June for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and Xbox One.

How many rounds of The Quarry have you planned for the summer?

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