What is the winner stone in Dark Souls 2?

The winner of the winner in Majula is how players fall in Company of Champions, a carpet that complicates the game for players. It also allows players to earn AWESTSTONES to receive rewards from the carpet. These awards are available after you give the winner a certain amount of AWestones. This is all you need to know about the stone of the winner and the company’s company.

What is the Champions company

On the knees in front of Viktor’s stone in Majul gives players the opportunity to join the Champions Company an agreement that is more suitable for those who are looking for more trials. A connection Champions company will Disable the cooperative game that includes the call of other players and non -game characters. It also increases the damage inflicted by the enemies of the player, and also increases their decrease in damage, HP and awareness of the player.

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At the entrance to Kovenant, players will receive tablet champion to look at their place among the leaders. Avestones fall out of certain enemies and are used to obtain awards and increase the rating in the Covenant. These awards:

10 precious stones * – Great magical weapon
25 precious stones – the first ring of the dragon
50 precious stones – Printing the conqueror

Dark Souls 2 - A Guide to Covenants: Company of Champions

Awestones fall out of many enemies, but most often fall out of larger enemies in each area. ogr in Forest of fallen giants and Old knights in Fiery tower Hyde two examples. However, it is impossible to engage in agriculture endlessly, since after a while the enemies will cease to appear. The use of an ascetic by the fire can fix this, since it will turn the fire area into the next “New Plus game” cycle.

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