Remothered: broken porcelain drops today

ALL ROSEMARY REED SCENES FROM Remothered Broken Porcelain

Remothered: Broken Porcelain is falling today, continuing the story of the famous Remothered: Tormented Fathers, but shifting the decor of the Mansion Felton at Ashmann Inn Senished, with a new character playable to frighten.

Remothered: Tormented Fathers follows Rosemary Reed, a woman looking for the truth behind the appearance of a young woman, Celeste Felton. The continuation follows Celeste herself-now under the nickname of Jennifer (which fans of the first game will undoubtedly recognize)-after her expulsion of the Flemmington Girl’s Institute, while she finds a job as a maid to the Ashmann Inn. However, her dark heritage returns to haunt her after a mysterious plague broke out, making the staff crazy – which is not a good thing when these staff members have access to firearms and fire axes.


Meanwhile, Rosemary will also return to the game, probably always looking for Celeste, and will no doubt have to face her own trials.

The game follows the tradition of horror games like Clock Tower or Haunted Ground – Jen is weaker than his opponents, so fighting them head on will not end well. Instead, you must count on stealth to navigate and escape your stalkers, occasionally using defense objects such as alarm clocks and vases to hunt or even neutralize your enemies for a few moments, giving you a precious margin of maneuver.

While the first game was more sober, Broken Porcelain increases the ladder with more characters and more stalkers, including a man in a mask of nightmarish porcelain and a nun brandishing a flame thrower. It also takes into account what worked in the first game and improves it, adding a craft mechanism and the possibility of using your defense objects before being attacked. Since the first game has received complimentary criticism for its atmosphere, I hope that the new changes will be well received and that we will have horror experience worthy of the original.

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