My hero gym spectacular stretch illustration of Himiko toga

With the last arc of _ My hero Academia _ already underway in manga, the attention of the public is in the resolution of multiple plots throughout history. One of these moments is starring Himiko Toga, one of the most loved villains in the series. In this way, This character was the center of attention in the recent edition of Shueisha magazine.

As part of the advancement of Jump Jump Giga de Primavera, which will be available on May 2, Kōhei Horikoshi, author of my Hero Academia, created a new illustration that presents us to Toga in a way that will surely be liked of fans.

Toga Himiko obsessing over Izuku | My Hero Academia
In the manga, Toga finally confessed to her love, which was not reciprocated . For their part, Uraka and Tsuyu are more than ready to face this villain. Although the story was currently focused on the conflict between Dabi and Shoto, we will eventually have the resolution that many of us expect with this girl with a vampiric ability.

In related issues, Dabi’s origin has been revealed. Similarly, the author of my Hero Academia reveals one of the lowest points in the series.

Editor’s note:

It is clear that Horikoshi loves Toga. This is one of the characters with better illustrations throughout the series and, along with Shigaraki, he is one of the most recognized faces of the Villains League.

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