Datamine Division 2 reveals a probable return in underground mode

With The Division 2 When reopening PTS, several users examine the game files and discover content that may be introduced in the future. This apparently includes a new vision of the souterrain DLC of the Original The Division.

The user of Reddit Definitelyananalt16 dug the files and shared a large amount of details on what will follow for The Division 2. Beware of spoilers, because his article contains details on practically everything that will happen to the game during next seasons.

Among all the information included in the Reddit discussion thread, one, in particular, should be rather interesting for the players of the original LA Division, that is to say the return of the souterrain Mode which was released via a DLC for it.

This Uernderground 2.0 The mode apparently introduces a new approach to the original concept of an Horde style mode. In an audio file, “Kelso tells us that a skyscraper must be secure, we must enter it and secure it floor upstairs,” shared the dataminer.


Safety floors should be deployed at certain times during the exploration of the skyscraper, and the players will be able to leave at that time and come back later; This should work as a checkpoint, even in case of failure because there should be several levels to explore. From a certain point, there will be no more sure floors.

Fans are particularly enthusiastic about the chances that underground 2.0 The mode could be in development, because it would open up the possibility of Massive to re-explore other DLCs of the original title, such as Survival, which has taken several elements of the Game, like survival components, and has built a completely new game from their.

As usual, Datamine does not mean that all the things that players find in the files will necessarily happen to the real game, but there is a good chance that this is the case.

After a not so warm welcome at launch, The Division 2 tried and returned to its feet, releasing the warlords of New York expansion earlier this year, and these new content will probably have a link with the intrigues that have just been Introduced.

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