The new update of Call of Duty: Warzone brings great news for console players

_ Duty area: War Zone_ The Xbox and PlayStation players should be delighted with a new update that will soon reach Battle Royale game. Since zona of war launched for the first time, the total discharge size of the game has continued to grow until reaching absurd proportions. So much so, in fact, that a series of _zona of warfare – console players has been difficult for them to keep the game installed while trying to play other games. Fortunately, thanks to this new update that is about to launch, the size of the file for _zona of war will finally reduce itself.

Activision recently revealed that the new patch for the duty: war zone, which will be launched in just a couple of days, will reduce the general size of the game file. While it was not said how much the size will be reduced, once this update is installed successfully, those on Xbox and PlayStation platforms should notice a change in the magnitude of the game.

«With the launch of the Classified Arms update for zona of war, those in consoles, no PC, you will see changes in your _zona of War and Modern File, since both games are linked to each other,” Activision explained. «These changes will probably see a larger discharge size than usual for zona of war and Modern_builder_. However, the general footprint of the game will be reduced for _zona of warhead, once optimization has been carried out. “

In a general sense, this is something that almost any person playing _ called duty: war zone, will be delighted. This change also arrives at a good time because zona of war is about to start its operation: monarch event at the beginning of May where Godzilla and Kong will face each other. Since many expired zona of war it is likely that the players will re-download the game to play this event by themselves, it is good to see that the size of the file will not occupy as much hard disk space and before.


As for when this update of classified weapons will be implemented, all the iterations of -duty: war zone will be able to download the last patch for the game this week on Wednesday, April 27.

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