Ubisoft staggers: employees assure that it is on sale and their games are going to be delayed

The information on a possible sale of ubisoft In the immediate future begin to be too regular. Different international media have pointed out that the company would be looking to change hands , having initiated conversations with investment banks and venture capital funds to carry out the sale. A new property change that would shake the videogame industry, but in this case nothing would have to do with a benefit for Microsoft or Sony.

Employees ensure that Ubisoft is on sale

Kotaku has expanded the information available so far with respect to the possible sale of Ubisoft. The Anglo-Saxon media has contacted different employees who ensure that the company has audited its accounts recently. Although this is something that companies do on a regular basis to improve their performance and profitability, in this case it would have been an exercise for organize their account books tried to become more attractive to a future sale .

Attending to the circumstances of the company, it seems that it is the perfect time to get Ubisoft. The company has passed a bad streak at a financial level. Although the results of each exercise are favorable, their shares have declined more than 60% since July 2018 . At that time, the price of each participation brushed 100 euros, while at present we can all own a small part of the company in exchange for only 38,43. In fact, the result over recent years indicates a drop of 11%.

This circumstance should be added that the sources point out that the President and Founder of the company Yves Guillemot would be looking for an exit from the sector to 61 years. However, the problems do not end here. To this situation, the accusations of sexual discrimination or the exodus of workers still have to add the alleged delay of many of their future games. Always according to Kotaku, “the next Far Cry, Ghost Recon and Gran Assassin’s Creed are further than I planned.”


The Company wanted to pronounce with respect to the information , although there has been no short denial. “We do not talk about rumors or speculations. Ubisoft has creative and unparalleled production capacities (…) Thanks to them, our long-term approach and appetite for taking creative risks, we have built some of the most solid industry brands. We have many brands and new projects on the horizon. We also have one of the deepest and most diversified portfolios of the industry (…) and a large and growing community of compromised players. As a result, we are in a position to capitalize on the rapid growth of the industry and platform opportunities that are emerging at this time, “commented from the company.

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