Tennis Manager 2022: The game announced with a trailer and full of news about the news

Appeared in 2019, the Tennis Manager series continues its little way and will welcome its 2022 edition in a few weeks. It is indeed on May 17 that management enthusiasts and the little yellow ball can discover the new features offered by This new episode. It is always the French studio rebounds which is in charge and a few weeks from the kick-off of Roland-Garros, here is what we can expect from this tennis manager 2022. Visually already, the studio promises clear improvements, with In addition to new 3D events, especially in match sequences. Artificial intelligence has also undergone some touch -ups, just to better anticipate our actions, especially since management features have been pushed for more possibilities. Tennis Manager 2022 will take into account junior and professionals circuits, with no less than 2,000 tournaments and 5,000 players in total. Come on, Trêve de Parlotte, make way for the video compiled by us and a bullet point on the new features of 2022.

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Tennis Manager 2022 - New Features Trailer
⚫ New infrastructure system
⚫ New “Round Robin” tournament format
⚫ Team management tools
⚫ New contract management and negotiation system
⚫ import and export of game plans
⚫ Improvements of match simulation (Improvement of AI and players entertainment)
⚫ New statistics and new 3D camera views

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