Rapper Dr. DRE did not want to make music for GTA online, it thought it was a game for children

When the rapper Snoop Dog leaked to fly in October last year that his colleague Dr. Music for a Grand Theft Auto game produced, the fans were in a long time for a short time: is that finally the long-awaited confirmation for GTA 6 , on which you have been waiting for years now?

The hope turned out to be awarded, because actually worked Dr. Dre to Music for Multiplayer Mode of GTA 5 (Buy Now 189.95 € / 13.99 €), GTA Online – More specifically, the latest extension The Contract. But this collaboration would almost have not been concluded, because originally leaned DRE off the order. He is not interested in making something for children **.

Dr Dre ft Anderson Paak Recording a Song in the GTA Online Studio

Dr. DRE and GTA Online: A collaboration needed the persuasion

Apparently, the rapper had a completely wrong assessment of what actually hides behind GTA online . Curtain on for DJ Pooh: The music producer has been working together with Rockstar since GTA San Andreas and he was also working for working on Dre turned. In an interview with Bet (Via Kotaku), DJ Pooh revealed how he could spin the rapper:

_ “At first he just said no. But the first answer was that Dre was not a gamer. He just did not play video games. It’s not that he does not like her or something, he just did not play it Was his answer first that he will not do anything for children. “_

But DJ Pooh was not so easy. He knew when he dr. First of all, the possibilities that the digital world of Los Santos brings with him, the rapper would certainly be committed. The music producer should keep right. Short-handed he brought a Playstation into the house of Dr. med. Dre and convinced the rapper to play a session with him:

_ “He was blown away. He did not know that they can do all these things – all these levels of gameplay, which call people as a metaverse, but it is still much more cool than that. […] We have different rims Cars attached, have advised in a shooting change, have been hung with my friends, I have a girlfriend – all something like that! “_

So if you still play GTA online, the new contents of The Contract and especially the fresh music of the expansion enjoys, which may not only be at Dr. med. Thank you, but especially at DJ Pooh. An interesting insight that shows how important the proximity is from the artist to the artwork.

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