WOW trail search: What about the dungeons in WoW: DragonFlight?

Usually, this is running in the announcement of a WOW extension: It is shown a cinematic that lays the foundation for the new adventure. And then the WoW developers will be published a feature trailer. Mostly, Fesche Lettering Flying in the picture: Drölf Zones, Fuffzich Dungeons and so on. This is naturally overpaid. But that makes it clear what was missing in the announcement of WOW: DragonFlight : a feature trailer. And the lack of what makes the WOW community puzzle about how many dungeons expect us on the dragon islands. And what will happen in the first RAID. We have been looking for the difficult to find answers – and sometimes found.

WOW: Dragon Flight with eight dungeons?

Professions Revamp | World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Looks at the bottom left: so big is the elementary giant compared to a humanoid. If it were strange, the colleague would not be a raid, dungeon or world boss. Source: Blizzard

Usually, there are eight new dungeons with a WOW extension, four for the level phase, four for the endgame. And with a content patch then comes a mythic dungeon afterwards, see the Karazhan new edition in Legion or Mechagon and Tazavesh of the past two enlargements. So it’s as safe as the Amen in the Church that it will give eight dungeons plus mythic instance. But that’s not confirmed. Officially, the DragonFlight website says far below and very carved “new dungeons”. And by the way, she also says “new battles”.

But stopping at the dungeons: “Attracts in the struggle for the reconquest of Neltharus, the fortress of the black dragon swarm, previously explored hidden areas of Uldaman, defends the livelihoods of the Red Dragon Swarm and more!” Means that we can expand our placeholder list for three information:

  • DragonFlight Dungeon 1: Neltharus
  • DragonFlight Dungeon 2: Uldaman 2.0
  • DragonFlight Dungeon 3: “Red Dragon Swarm Liveline”
  • DragonFlight Dungeon 4: ???
  • DragonFlight Dungeon 5: ???
  • DragonFlight Dungeon 6: ???
  • DragonFlight Dungeon 7: ???
  • DragonFlight Dungeon 8: ???

That’s Uldaman. But that is a DragonFlight concept of Uldaman. How exactly is Uldaman playing a role as a dungeon on the dragon islands? Source: Blizzard
By the way, DragonFlight will have little until nothing to do with the rest of Azeroth. So it will be very interesting to see how the developers of Blizzard “so far not explored parts of Uldaman” want to link with Uldaman themselves – because that is known to be in the wasteland.

Dungeons to the zones and the swarms

In the interview of Ausgamers with Jeremy Feasel, it is confirmed what we know of past extensions for WOW: The dragon swarms are linked to the zones and there are dungeons to the dragon swaring in the zones. Feasel is explicitly quoted with the following words: “These are full areas, and many of them are associated with dungeons. Help the black dragon swarm, to recall his citadel, and help the green dragon swarm to secure his grove.”

So the citadel of the black dragon swarm is Neltharus, the livelihoods belong to the red dragon swarm. So in conversion, if everything logically works, that a dungeon with the green, one with the blue and one with the bronze dragon swarm have to do should. This extends the list of instances of the dragon islands as follows (the names of the dungeons are made of us, apart from Neltharus):

DragonFlight Dungeon 1: Neltharus
DragonFlight Dungeon 2: Uldaman 2.0
DragonFlight Dungeon 3: “Red Dragon Swarm Livelios”
DragonFlight Dungeon 4: The Emerald Green Hain
DragonFlight Dungeon 5: The Bronze Shrine
DragonFlight Dungeon 6: The azure magic miracle
DragonFlight Dungeon 7: ???
DragonFlight Dungeon 8: ???

Then two remained, of whom we know nothing. What can be guessed or suspected of some screenshots is that the red dragon swarm is associated with the seaside of the awakening. There is certainly the dungeon to the red swarm and possibly Neltharus, because there is a picture that carries from Blizzard from the name “Waking Shores Obsidian Citadel”. Obsidian… black and so. You understand?
“Waking Shores Obsidian Citadel” is the official name of this structure. Sounds like the citadel Neltharus, one of the dungeons of WoW: Dragonflight. Source: Blizzard
The azure mountain is domain of blue dragon swarms and it can be assumed that the levels of Ohn’ahra are counted to the green swarm, and possibly also to the bronze – but these are all guessing. Also from the “monsters”, which on the screenshots on the press server (you can also look at yourself) it is negotiated, which we could deal with in dungeons. There are centaurs and gorlocs, elemental giants, gnolle and harpyia. You can already choose what you like to meet – or not like – in the dungeon.

By the way, an interview of Judgehype with Ion Hazzikostas also confirms an apparent number of eight dungeons for DragonFlight. Translated from the interview it means to the mythic + saisons of WoW: DragonFlight: “According to the current state, it should be in the mythical + season 1 by DragonFlight 4 dungeons from the new extension and 4 old dungeons. In season 2 it will be give a rotation with 4 other dungeons from Dragon Flight and 4 other old dungeons. Those of Shadowlands are undoubtedly not elected as they are new. “

Apropos Elementary – The Protocol Raid

Since we expect an island full of dragons anyway, they are not missing in the first RAID, right? We quote Jeremy Feasel in conversation with Ausgamer: “The dragon swarms are not all the dragons in World of Warcraft (Buy Now), we met a heap of other dragons. Stone dragons, thunderstorms. Here [on the dragon islands] we meet another one Group of dragons, the Primalists. They follow a group of ur-incarnates, supporters of galacrond, ancient huge protodrates that are not on the side of the titans. They are of the opinion that everyone should subordinate the dragon because they are big And are powerful. The battle Dragon against dragon becomes a great fun. ” We will probably put these UR protodrates in Primalist RAID. Why do we accept this? Because the animal set is called. Below is a look at the armor, after which you can see the inspiration for these clothes.

Animal sets of the Primalist RAIDS Source: Blizzard from left to right: The Primalist RAID animal sets for monk, paladin and warrior, inspired by the Earth Earth. Source: Blizzard from left to right: The primaryist RAID animal sets for callers, priests, witch champions and demon hunters, inspired by the element fire. Source: Blizzard from left to right: The primaryist RAID animal sets for rogues, druits and shaman, inspired by the element air. Source: Blizzard from left to right: The primaryist RAID animal sets for death knights, magicians and hunters, inspired by the element of water.

The inspiration comes clearly from this concept of “Elemental Protodragon Leaders”.
These are the Elemental Protodragon Leaders – Unmistakable this concept served the animal sets from the Primalist Raid for inspiration. Source: dragon swarm
Funfact: So seen from the Lore, the interesting protodrate specimens are because the elemental lords subjected by the old gods are almost the counterpart to the dragons of the Titans. So it is exciting that protodrates find on the dragon islands, which never tits still (so hope we are) connected to the elemental lord, but actually put on Galacrond. Honestly: both the animal sets as well as the protodrates themselves look pretty cool in the concept, or what do you mean?

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