Saints Row: Vampire heroes and umbrella rifles – so wild are the customization

When Deep Silver and Volition on Gamescom 2021 introduced the reboot of the Saints-Row series, the public reaction was probably not quite the same as those who had introduced themselves. Instead of jubiling, there were more embarrassed cough. So really cool, the new edition of the Open World Spectacle did not arrive. Not only at our editor Chris, who was already annoyed in the first preview of the super-turned and Meeeeeeeegaaaaaa cool characters. Even the players pushed the jump on the hip Fortnite-Hype train rather angry. “That’s no longer Saints Row!” It was based on social networks, forums and YouTube comments.

This criticism probably also came to developers and publishers, which is why the release of reboots was postponed just half a year. Instead of 25th February, the new Saints Row will now appear on August 23, 2022 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. The time obtained, want Chief Creative Officer Jim Boone and use his team to miss the game again. After all, you want to create the best Saint’s Row of Serial History, it was called in an update.


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What exactly this is to mean, Volition now revealed in the context of a large online showcase where the makers imagine the most exciting new features and wanted to soothe the minds of the fans so little. But the studio somehow satisfied strange priorities.

In the a good 20-minute presentation, it was not about the Texas and New Mexico’s game world inspired by Santo Ileso and their gangs to the story, in whose framework of their own criminal syndicate, or even the gameplay, which probably somewhere between Action-loaded third-person shootings and abraded sandbox Open-World activities should commute.

Instead, the team has decided to put the focus fully on the topic “Customization”, so the question: what can you customize everything? And how creative you should let off steam?

Dresses make people

You may edit you with the help of various sliders. Is your more muscular, leaning or overweight therefore? Are you rocking a high forehead or rather a lace chin? All alone your decision!

There are plenty of exciting detail options such as customizable eyelashes and pupils, freckles, makeup, tattoos, scars or prostheses. You can even make asymmetric faces, making crazy creations such as a two-face clone, a sharp-toothed vampire or a silvery glossy sheet metal man. Or a tin woman as you want.

Bei der Anpassung eurer Figur habt ihr nämlich nicht mehr die Wahl zwischen männlich und weiblich. Ihr kombiniert stattdessen eine eher maskuline oder feminine Körperform mit einer von acht Stimmen, die von seriös bis hin zu total absurd reichen, sucht euch einen persönlichen Laufstil sowie ein paar Emotes aus und stürzt euch direkt ins Abenteuer!

In dessen Verlauf könnt ihr euren Look natürlich noch jederzeit anpassen. Neben diversen Shops, in denen ihr euch mit Hüten, Hosen, Schuhen und anderem Bling Bling eindecken könnt, gibt es auch noch die Style App auf eurem Smartphone, mit der ihr unterwegs nochmal an der Größe eures Bizeps oder eurer Genitalien rumdoktern dürft.

Ballern mit Style

Wo wir gerade schon beim lässigen Feuern aus der Hüfte sind: Natürlich lassen sich auch die Waffen in Saints Row euren Bedürfnissen und Wünschen anpassen, wenn auch etwas weniger umfangreich als eure Spielfigur. Im Friendly Fire Store dürft ihr euren Ballermännern verschiedene Lackierungen, Muster und Sticker verpassen.

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Saints Row - Like A Boss: Ultimate Customization Trailer | PS5, PS4
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