Pokemon Buy a Collectable Card Printing Company

The Pokemon Company International has bought the long-standing printer from its chromos. Today early, The Pokemon Company International announced that Millennium Print Group had bought, based in North Carolina, which has manufactured -game of collectible letters from Pokémon products since 2015. Millennium will continue to operate independently after the purchase is completed. The purchase price was not announced. In particular, Millennium Print Group not only prints the Pokémon cards, but also the packing of the Games in Pokémon TCG box that are sold in many stores.

Pokémon Buys a Printing Company! You Should Care! & Radiant Pokémon Got Worse! (Pokémon TCG News)

“The talented Millennium Print Group team has been an important partner for The Pokémon Company International for many years, helping us to bring the Pokémon collectible card game to our fans with the quality that they expect,” said The President of The Pokémon Company International, Kenji Okubo, in a statement. Press release announcing the purchase.

“By joining forces in a more significant way, our goal is to improve the ways in which our organizations work together and continue to bring the highest quality JCC Pokémon products from the market. At the same time, our goal is to convert Millennium into an even better and larger state. ” The latest generation version of its already exceptional organization, which benefits not only Pokémon, but to all its customers ».

In recent years, the interest in the pack of collectible letters of Pokémon_ and other collectible business cards have skyrocketed. During the pandemic, The Pokémon Company faced important problems and scarcity in the supply chain during almost all annual releases. The Pokemon Company promised to solve the problem by increasing its supply, and it seems that this is another step to help prevent future scars.

As for Jame of collectible cards of Pokémon in itself, his next set will be “Astral Radiance”, which will focus on some of the new Pokémon and forms of Pokémon that are seen in pokémon legends: Arceus. That set will be launched in June and will be followed by the launch of a special pokémon miniSet with theme go.

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