GTA Online: 9 features that have been missing you for several years

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The online world of GTA 5 is full of interesting missions, tasks and possibilities. However, a few functions are still missing for years. Strike the notepad, Rockstar! These 9 features are missing GTA online until today.

9 GTA online features you wish to you from Rockstar

If one compares what content GTA online today and then at the start shot more than 8 years ago, you realize that Rockstar Games has put a lot of time and work in the online mode of GTA 5. Numerous free content updates have greatly expanded the functionality of the online world of Los Santos in recent years – and some “Quality of Life” improvements have found their way into the game.

However, GTA online is perfectly not your opinion. We asked you on Facebook, which features are still missing in Rockstars Giant Open World today – and you answered us. In the comments, there were a lot of good suggestions – we have sought the nine for you the nine who have been relatively often named or let us have very noisy. Curtain for the functions that GTA online your opinion would make even better:

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