Butt from steel: Elden ring

Elden Ring is not long in the market yet, but in the few weeks fans have already made fans incredible. Speedruns in a few minutes, the game with fruit played and opponents just done with the buttocks – yes, read right.

Elden Ring: The popo has to hurt pretty nice

How Elden Ring Player Who Goes By The Name

Some players insanely put a lot of time in the new Open World Action Roleplay of from Software, including the Streamer Distortion2. He has already made a lot, he played Elden Ring for example in less than ten minutes. Recently, he sat down with a new challenge: Only play the game with the buttocks of his character .

To put his project into action, he uses a skill called Ground Slam . If you set up this craft, you get a special attack. If this is used, the character jumps into the air and suggests with such a force on the ground that the butt causes proper damage. He even improved this attack.

Equipped with the craft, he made himself up, to defeat all bosses of Elden Ring with his butt, no matter how long it takes . In the course of the game, that’s becoming more and more difficult, but he proves an angel and lot of skill.

_In his video you can watch the action exactly: _

Elden Ring: How did Streamer Distortion2 set the world record?

As previously mentioned, the streamer is currently holding the world record for the fastest speedrun in Elden Ring. He slapped the game in just 8 minutes and 56 seconds and that even without fighting at all.

It makes the so-called “zip-glitch” , a technique that can jump through the game world through the characters through great distances. Since there are no rules for individual speedruns specified by the community, the choice of solutions is alone at the Speedrunner.

_Ihr do not have the game yet? Get it comfortable home: _

Elden Ring – Launch Edition [PC]

With Elden Ring from the feathers of HiDetaka Miyazaki, the Creator of Dark Souls and George R. R. Martin, Game of Thrones author, a new fantasy epic of the extra class has emerged here.

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