Activision Blizzard listens to the opinion on NFT

Activision Blizzard contained the NFT and the block chain in the recent survey. However, the Mike Ivara Blizzard representative has answered the concern of the concern of the concern of the NFT.

Activision Blizzard has conducted a survey on some players through a UGV, a UK online-based data analyst, a UK online-based data analyst. The questionnaire conducted a questionnaire in a variety of sectors, such as playing similar games, whether it is playing a similar game, whether a subscription service is used, and recognition of cross-play.

However, the reason for which the questionnaire became a hot topic was that the NFT related questionnaire was included. The survey also contained cipheral currency, NFT implementation, and earning according to game play, and alarm of P2E (Play-to-Earn). From gamers to the questionnaire, the content shared through the SNS, and the community has also revealed concerns that the Activision Blizzard is not going to the NFT.

Activision-Blizzard: This Is Very Bad News...
In addition, after the termination of the questionnaire, the page moved to the store instead of the questionnaire to the questionnaire.

The questionnaire does not mean that the NFT introduction of the Activision Blizzard right now. In this day, in addition to the NFT and the block chain, there is also a claim that the survey goal is to obtain the overall gaming experience data, including the contents of the AR and VR games.

When the contents were reported, Mike Ivara Blizzard representative was denied the “NFT” on Twitter on the 17th VGC Reporter Andy Robinson, “NFT does not make NFT” and denied the “NFT to the doubt. On the other hand, SNS users took the comments that they quoted their remarks, but some of them have been in the future, but in the future, not present, but what will be in the future. The representative of Mike Ibara has not been able to comment on.

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