The next Need for Speed will have anime elements

As you know, Criterion is developing a new delivery of Need for Speed, which is designed to debut at some point of this year and that supposedly only will be released for the new generation of hardware. Although your developers have not yet given official details, another filtration indicates that this game will have anime elements.

According to Jeff Grubb, Insider and Reporter of VentureBeat , Need for Speed 2022 will combine an anime aesthetic with photorealistic graphics. The game will be set at Lakeshore City, a fictitious version of Chicago , and this was what commented Grubb about the graphics of it:

“They will be photorealistic graphs, but also, you will also have anime elements. When you see a commercial of a car or something by style, and the car is moving, you will see flames and anime lightning. That is the type of aesthetics you are looking for. And I think that’s what they refer when they say they want to make a fictional version of Chicago. Lakeshore City will be called. “

NEED FOR SPEED 2022 - Location Confirmed and Anime Visuals ???

If everything goes well, this new new for speed ** should reach around November this year, but like all the details we have about this game, this is also simple speculation and we still do not know when it is going to be your Official launch date.

Editor’s Note: It is certainly a fairly strange decision by the criterion, but they are definitely looking to give it a touch of freshness to the saga. Obviously we can still not say if it worked or not, but at the end of the day everything will depend on its execution.

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