Fortnite announces collaboration with the coachella

Epic Games and _ Fortnite _ are not strange to musical collaborations with different artists. In this way, many will be excited, and will probably be disappointed, when listening to that the coachella, one of the most important festivals today, has reached this Battle Royale.

Фестиваль Coachella в фортнайт Наборы Coachella в фортнайт
Between April 14 and 22, all users of fortnite will have the opportunity to get a series of skins that capture the essence of going to the coachella. Along with this, The Game Radio Station will transmit several songs from the more than 30 artists who are presented at this festival. Here we find names like Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, and even the band MS.

On this occasion it is the attention that the outfits, inspired by the extravagant style that has characterized the assistants of the coachella, react to the music that sounds in the game. Unfortunately, this is all that includes this collaboration, since there will be no type of digital concert, something that could disappoint more than one .

In recent years, fortnite has also become a worthy platform to witness high level concerts. You just have to remember what was done with Ariana Grande or Travis Scott. However, On this occasion we will not see something similar with the coachella.

In related topics, the construction without construction is already permanent in fortnite. Similarly, Sony has invested a billion dollars in Epic Games.

Editor’s note:

Without a doubt, a wasted opportunity. Although the idea of seeing Skins inspired by the extravagant outfits of this event sounds interesting, the collaboration with the coachella could give for more.

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