The Best 10 Streamers Destiny 2 to Watch

Destiny 2 is back in the big titles lately while the fans around the world are preparing for the next major extension of the game: _a beyond the light. Even if the expansion has recently been delayed until November, the game is growing.

With this momentum, many players come back or come for the first time. As a result, many of them will need advice on the functioning of the game and what they can do to better build their guardians.

Enter streamers. Watching streamers can go beyond the simple entertainment and you can learn a lot looking at someone who plays daily for hours. They can show you the best ways to find equipment, shoot down a boss and look at you through a raid.

So, for all those looking for a Streamer to watch and learn, we have here the top 10 streamers you can watch right now. Our selections are based on metrics of their feeds, that is, the number of viewers, subscribers and frequency, as well as our own personal opinion and the enjoyment of their content. We will also give you their broadcast schedule so that you know when catching them, at least on Twitch.

One thing we can guarantee you: Each of these streamers knows what it does and has a lot to teach you.

What really impresses us with Gernaderjake, it is the amount of content that it has published even when the game has a relatively small amount of content to be d1. He is currently the 5th Streamer the most watched in July, and for a good reason.

He knows the ins and outs of the game, can give you tips on how to play and also prepare for various events as they come out.

It also does an excellent work of preparation before extensions. If its contents before the last major extension, shadowkeep, is an indication, then we can expect a plethora of solid content to look before November.

It will look like a strange choice because Sloyering really does not diffuse streaming, and it is not very open on something other than its game.

However, it is absolutely one of the most skilled players of the game. It has been incredibly classified in national tournaments and frequently broadcasts Destiny 2 competitive. It is also not exclusive to Twitch, choosing to broadcast from a variety of different sources. You can find it in many places and you will learn a lot. j

He uses his nickname most of the time and rarely shows his face streaming. It’s all about the game and it is seen.

Burnbxx is one of the rare female banners of Destiny 2 and it is great to look at. Its content is both engaged and educational, and its main game is Destiny 2.

She started spreading streaming in 2015 and after building her base, she has become strong since. It is a full-time streamer without fixed schedule, but you can count on its broadcast frequently throughout the week.

Very similar to Gernaderjake, IFROSTBOLT broadcasts an incredible amount of content that is nice to watch. The guy Riffelle Destiny 2 constantly, no matter what happens this season.

Its flows can often last up to 8 hours at a time and if you are looking to improve your game – especially PVP – then you must consult ifrostbolt. As we get closer to the new extension, we are sure there will be a lot of content from his own so that we can all enjoy it!

Like his Streamers colleagues, the Gladd streaming schedule is somewhat irregular, but it is consistent. He can broadcast 7 to 18 hours and he loves to broadcast Destiny 2.

It constantly publishes content and shows the best ways to play all modes of the game. It has an excellent personality on the screen and is attractive to watch. It is great to discuss various news on the game while playing and always provides solid content for everything you are looking for.

King Gothalion was one of the many streamers to get from Twitch to mixer, but with the closing of this platform, he will pass to Facebook Gaming.

Wherever you look at it, you can bet on the solid content of the king. While it often diversifies (currently streaming for Fantôme de Tsushima), it will play regularly Destiny 2 and give you the tips you need to improve your game.

As he does not diffuse on Twitch, we do not have a picture of his schedule for you, but he broadcasts just about every day.

Datto diffuses many of the two Destin and destiny 2, and often does it.

As with many of these other streamers, Datto knows his things on the game. Recently, he directed the new weekly contact / interference events that are part of the new arrival season. He knows how to run more than that and can show you where some things are, as well as the best way to overcome them.

The brother of another streamer of this list, ProfessorBroman is a full-time streamer dedicated to destiny 2 and warframe.

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It is a super entertaining person to watch and knowledge of the game and traditions is crazy. Recently, he has theorized where the game was going to go with the next extension and what kind of story we are. It is a great guy whose career started with streaming to raise charities.

Even if you do not learn much from him, it’s a Streamer who absolutely deserves your support.

Professor Broman’s brother, TeaWrex is another streamer with a great personality, like his brother.

His sense of humor is a main attraction to entertain you while you look at his gameplay. Although it may not be the kind of player that Sloyering is in terms of rank and competitive skills, TeaWrex compensates for this by simply giving you a fun flow to watch while you learn more about the game.

Our final streamer is not necessarily the Streamer whose most speaks in the game, but it is the one that offers excellent content.

Its distribution schedule is a bit awesome, but it is worth resolving. It is a fun personality that keeps its interesting streams and clearly cares about the state of the game. Its focus on Crucible gives you an excellent overview of how to better play in PVP mode.

He was not very active recently, but we did not hear any news from his departure, so we hope he will come back soon.

All these streamers offer something new to learn about the game and provide really solid content to dive. Of course, there is also a ton of other streamers and we encourage you to listen to them too.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Google Stadia.

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