DHB: Alfred Gislason establishes renunciation of Philipp Weber

The qualification for the World Cup next to January should actually be just a form. Or? National coach Gislason spoke on Tuesday morning a small warning of his players. Faroe Islands be “a distinguished nation” and last “much better”, Gislason made clear and demanded from his team in the two crucial games to the World Cup qualifier on 13 and 16 April against the blatant outsider “full concentration”.

Gislason and DHB sports board Axel Kromer impressed the video studies of the next opponent. “It’s much more quality than some thinking,” Kromer said, “You can be guided that you may not be full halls with your games.” But the two preparatory games against Hungary would have sharpened the senses again. At the first of the two tests against the Magyars Gislason “not so satisfied with the defense”.

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But the development is positive for him and Kromer positively. “We came across a good defense to more goals out of the tempo game,” praises Kromer. About the first and second wave it should also go against play-off opponents Faroe Islands. That the first leg on April 13 (18:15, live! At Gislason) rises in Kiel, it makes a trace for the long-standing THW coach Gislason.

“That’s the first game since my farewell there,” says Icelanders: “My biggest hope is that the hall will be filled. That we got a real home game by it.” That would have earned the team. ” Tickets for the important play-off game are still available.

Gislason does caste “incredibly sorry”

With a view of the squad – the DHB selection occurs almost in the best cast \ – Gislason had to explain some planned locations in more detail. For Hope Timo Kastening, who has hurt himself hard at the knee at Stammverein melsungen (Gislason: “I am incredibly sorry”), the national coach nominated his club colleagues Tobias Reichmann.

There are many young, good players, but none of them has made a single game with us.

Alfred Gislason

When asked if it is the right sign to the talents to nominate the 33-year-old, Gislason answered dry: “There are many young, good players, but none of them has made a single game with us.” The successful World Cup qualification is above all, which is why a “imported” DHB selection should compete.

Knorr and Witzke convince against Hungary

On the playmaker position, Gislason against Philipp Weber (SC Magdeburg) and Juri Knorr (Rhein-Neckar Löwen) and Luca Witzke (SC DHFK Leipzig) decided. “Philipp currently does not play as well as at the middle,” Gislason realized: “That does not mean that Philipp will not play with us anymore.” Knorr and Witzke would have convinced him with the tests against Hungary and therefore would have the chance again. Even their “strong performance in the defense” is a clear plus. This could also play Julian Köster on the middle.

After a long consideration no longer incurred in the DHB jersey, Patrick Wienecek, which the national team is officially adopted at the first leg in Kiel. At Hendrik Pekeler there is still a back door open: “In my view, this is not final,” says Gislason. The circular runner of THW had requested a national team break after Olympia last summer.

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