Boxing stop in Belgrade: DFB

Serbs superior over Albanians Srbi superiorniji od Albanaca

The German footballers can solve the ticket for the World Cup 2023 on Tuesday in Serbia. The focus is on the upcoming EM.

Boxing stop in Belgrade: Although the German footballers are in a hurric pace on the way to the World Cup and can solve their ticket for the final round 2023 on Tuesday, the Euro is the real goal. Finally, the qualification sector in Serbia (4:00 pm / ZDF) as the last mandatory game before the continental title fight in the summer therefore.

“We want to take the step now and drive with this awareness,” said Bundestrainer Martina Voss-Tecklenburg on Monday: “That would be a cool statement towards em.” In fact, the focus in the Record European Champion camp is already fully on the tournament in England three months before the final round (6 to 31 July).

This depends mainly with the comfortable starting position in the World Cup Quali as a result of 3-0 (1: 0) on Saturday against Portugal. After seven wins in seven encounters, the selection of the German Football Federation (DFB) in Serbia is a draw to clear the trip in the coming year to Australia and New Zealand.

On Tuesday it goes for the players but also to operate EM advertising in our own. “We want to keep our white vest,” said Voss-Tecklenburg: “The game against Portugal was really good. We want to confirm that. We want to go through the game with the same willingness.”

The 5: 1 against Serbia in the first leg is a success in the prospect, but the German team was back in November 0: 1. Then Lea Schüller met four times. “Serbia comes about the physicality. We are prepared for this,” said “MVT”: “They want to score points and retain second place.”

Shoulder comeback must be moved

Retrieving should actually give Almuth Schult. Shoulder problems, however, ensure that it will be nothing for the goalkeeper with the first international match for almost three years. “That was very emotional,” said Voss-Tecklenburg, which instead sets on her dormitor’s owner Merle Frohms: “It was difficult for everyone involved because we wanted Almuth after the long time on the course.”

The national trainer does not expire from a longer break at training – although the Wolfsburg is “pre-chargeable” with a shoulder-OP. On Monday afternoon, the VFL let know that training had only suffered a tear. “If it was a final, then she had stood in the gate,” said Voss-Tecklenburg, “We need almuth as a human and type – on and next to the square.”

Like training, Felicitas smoke and Klara Bühl have not flown to Belgrade for internal arrangements. All players on board Will Voss-Tecklenburg, on the other hand, have at the start of the EM preparation.

At the beginning of June, women are the first team to initiate the 150 million euros expensive new DFB campus. Before the EM prelude against Denmark (8 July), the two-time world champion wants to complete a test match.

The estimated German team job:

Frohms – Doorsoun, Hendrich, Feldkamp, Gwinn – Magull, Maroszan, Oberdorf – Huth, Popp, Brand. – trainer: Voss-Tecklenburg

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