Watch Dogs will have its own manga

View dogs has become one of the best selling franchises in Ubitsoft to date, and now it seems that the video game series is ready to diversify. After all, a new report has been published that says Watch Dogs Tokio is on the horizon. But this time, the story will take place in a manga instead of a complete game.

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The update comes from Kurage Bunch since the editor shared plans to put watch Dogs Tokio as an exclusive online. The series will launch its first chapter on April 12 abroad and has recruited two talented creators to give life to its history. Shirato Seiichi will write the story while Kamo Syuhei of Gangsta: Damn Supervises the art of him.

At this point, fans know little about Watch Dogs Tokio, but videogame fans are ready to see the series on a new scenario. The first ver dogs The entrance was established in a fictional version of Chicago before the sequel to the game will take fans to San Francisco. The series came out of the United States with Perros: Legion in 2020, and it was there where fanatics were able to explore London. And now, this manga will give games the opportunity to see how hacker organizations prosper in Japan.

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It’s easy to see why ver dogs I’d like to explore your world a little more. After all, the history of the game has been praised by fans over and over again. The novel Little this time is cept dogs Manga when writing a story, _The fans can get all the updates they want in a sleeve, since it is much cheaper to publish a short digital series than a console game. And if this story works well, we can only wait for Ubisoft to deepen it for your next game!

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