Monkey Island: Thats how the new game makes nostalgic happy

Many fans did not expect anymore, but the joy is great: the original “Monkey Island” creator Ron Gilbert announces a new game for the series.

Monkey Island: The true third part is in progress

According to Part 2, developer Ron Gilbert, the chagrin of the fans, gave out production. For many, the upcoming parts of the series were not complete without him. But now he is back and , according to own information, has been killing for two years now on a new “Monkey Island” game . He does not come with empty hands, because he makes the fans very happy with a 24-minute trailer, how to read out of the Twitter comments. (Source: Twitter)

The game should be a collaboration between Gilberts Studio Terrible Toybox, Devolver Digital and Lucasfilm Games. As a designer and author Gilbert and Dave Grossman are listed and fans have already discovered that Dominic Armato returns, to work as an original voice of Guybrush Threepwood .

Ron Gilbert answers the questions of the fans on Twitter. For example, he betrayed, that Murray, the skull, even in, return to Monkey Island ‘will play a big role . But he did not want to reveal much more yet. “Finally hears on to tweet about Return to Monkey Island. I have to work here, “it says.

_Im trailer can you make a first impression of the coming game: _

When should Return to Monkey Island appear?

Return to Monkey Island - Official Announcement Trailer
The game already has an official website, but there is no real release date yet. “Appears 2022” is the only window that fans get so far . (Source: Return to Monkey Island)

Assessment of Jasmin Peukert
I can only say one thing: nostalgia pure! I did not play all the parts of the series, but above all the first is to me, although I was still a plug at that time. Why? For example, I like to remember the turntable back, which was necessary to start in the game. If you were then in it, you had to study everything exactly and give the right orders: “Look Fish”. “Take fish” – exciting, even if that brought me one or the other time to despair.

What the game but also explained, was the great and dry humor, the creator Ron Gilbert brought into play. It can be assumed that even Return to Monkey Island will provide one or the other smirkler. This is with reason why I am looking forward to the new game and the opportunity to travel into my childhood in a way.

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