Filtration of Fortnite suggests that Indiana Jones will arrive soon

Fortnite Update INSIDER LEAKS! (Trailer, Indiana Jones, SEASON 3 LEAK)

It seems that Fortnite will receive the legendary Adventurer Indiana Jones. The free Royale Battle of Epic Games is not alien to the massive crossings. Currently there are a number of quite absurd rumors about the future of the game, as one that suggests man of family. The characters could be coming to _fortnite __ in a somewhat close future. It is clear that nothing is really off the table, since it is not only beneficial for EPIC to continue climbing the bet, but it is also apparently beneficial for the main companies trying to promote their products within the game. It seems that Disney may be the one who benefits, since it continues to link products with fortnite.

The last rumor comes from Cerro Tabor (through Shiinabre) and affirms that Indiana Jones will come to fortnite in season 3, which is scheduled to start at some time of June. According to Hill, the collaboration has been in process for quite some time and now it will finally be carried out completely. From now on, it is not known if it is a battle pass character as Doctor Strange or if it will be sold separately. Nor is it known if he will look like Harrison Ford or if he will look vaguely like a guy dressed like Indy. Since there is a new Indiana Jones film scheduled for 2023 and a game of Indiana Jones from Machinegames, the time for this rumored bond is interesting.

He would probably have a little more sense to throw the character closer to the launch of one of those products, but for some reason, according to the reports, they decided to do it this summer. The rumors suggest that Darth Vader will also come to fortnite in season 3, but he will be a boss for players to fight. Maybe the season focuses on several Disney characters or could relate to the first trailer of the next film or videogame of Indiana Jones. Only time will tell you, but it is still exciting to see that the beloved character obtains some virtual recognition.

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