Two Point Campus: Uni

The bad news first: The Two Point Studios must move the university-start, aka the release of your latest game Two Point Campus (from 35.99 € for pre-order), unfortunately – from 17 May to the 9th of August.

But they emphasize: It’s to our best! Because so the studio wants to guarantee that the quality meets the high expectations, on all platforms and right to the launch. Game Director Mark Webley: “Of course we understand that some people could be disappointed by this message. Honestly we are that too. But (…) It would not be fair to publish a game, which is not quite finished. “

Two Point Campus Preview, EXCLUSIVE Gameplay

The university successor to Two Point Hospital will now be released on August 9 2022, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s. Microsoft players are happy to be in the GamePass from day 1. Oh yes, the long “Developer Vision” daily video with fresh game scenes and developer statements we have broken you here…

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