The next Update of Fallout 76 gets a launch date

Fallout 76 The next update will be launched in just a few days, Bethesda announced this week. That update will be launched on April 12, and with it a series of new error corrections will come, as well as some additional elements that will be added to Atom Shop. However, that is all you will have, with Bethesda moderating expectations in advance by saying that the update will not be as big as some of the others with a lot of content. Fallout 76 gets. That means that the players still have the update “Test Your Metal” to wait once you conclude your test phase and that update is ready to be released.

The comments on the next patch of the game were shared in the last publication of Inside The Vault that, sincerely, did not have much beyond the release date that the players still did not know. Bethesda said that this update will cause the game to be disconnected by maintenance for a while, however, thus planning in advance once the update is launched next Tuesday.

NEW Update Coming to Fallout 76!
“While the update ‘test your metal’ is currently on the public test server and on the way to live game in June, we wanted to share a notice that we are planning to launch another patch on Tuesday, April 12». Bethesda said. «This will be a little smaller, some of our larger updates that bring new content to the game, since your main objective is to correct errors and add some new elements to the atomic store. We are currently looking to disconnect the game for maintenance at 10:00 AM ET on Tuesday, and we will make sure to share updates with you on the Bethesda Studios Discord server once the downtime begins ».

The good news is that, although this next update will not be too big, you do not have to wait to try new content. This is because the Test Your Metal Update mentioned in the previous comments is currently available within the PTS so that the players try it. Includes new events, features and more, and you can win a pennant for live game testing things.

“You can try our three new public events, the configuration of Corpse Highlights and more, and then publish your thoughts so that we read them at Discord,” Bethesda said. “While the test server has only been active for a short time, until now we have received tons of excellent comments from our wonderful game testers. This has already resulted in improvements for enemies, waves of enemies and times, and rewards for our new events., Lots of reports of errors and corrections, as well as more adjustments to critical hit bonus changes that were launched at the beginning of the PTS.

Fallout 76 The next update will be launched on April 12.

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