“Touken no Saiko” and PS5 “Demons Seoul”, “Bio” 25th Anniversary Set! “Geo Online Store” of outbreak continuing second bullet sale start

Sale to commemorate the 4th anniversary is currently under development at Geo’s official mail order site “Geo Online Store”. Smartphones, tablets, and audio devices such as TV can be obtained at a good price than usual.

Of course, many game software are also subject to sale, and in the first installment that was done to the other day, PS4 version “Zero-Wet Wet Meono ~” is 2,499 yen, switch version “Pocket Monster Shining Pearl” is ¥ 1,499 Etc. The title that gets out early and out is also successful.

And this fourth anniversary sale rushes into the second from 10:00 am on April 7th. Although the number of sales changes depending on the title, there are a number of sales prices that can not be overlooked. So this time, we picked up and deliver the title that has a particular feeling. If you want to get a new game for affordable, how are you using this sale?

In addition, about the sense of the market price in the article, it is due to the person’s personal view and does not guarantee absolute price. Also, please be careful if it will be out of stock.

# ■ Limited bonus with & new items “Sword no Sanko”

“Touken Sanko Muso” that fuses the world view and action elements of “Toukenzani -online-” and to provide new stimulation and became a topic. It has just been released in February this year, and it is popular because it is a second-hand, and it is stable with a 5,000 yen level.

The “Sword Sankai” is sold at 4,999 yen (tax included) in this sale. Moreover, since it is newer than used, it can be purchased safely if you are concerned about recycling products. Also, I’m glad that the “Acrylic Coaster” of Geo Limited Benefits is included. It is a chance that you can get new items with benefits with the same or less of the used price market value.

# ■ That “Game” is affordable! PS5 version “Demons Seoul”

While I was killed by the enemy, the “death game” to find the capture method is completely established as one genre now. The remake version of “Demons Seoul”, which bought a role of this genre, was released for PS5, and this also attracted great attention.

The first was released at the same time as the PS5 body, so it has been over a year since the release, but the market price is stable before 5,000 yen. It is 4,000 yen stop even in cheap places, but this sale is provided by 3,999 yen (tax included). Since the price is 8,690 yen, it is substantially half, and this is also an attracted deal.

■ Thank you very much for your long-awaited remake works at the price of surprise! “Pocket Monster Brilliant Diamond”

Every time a new information on the “Pocket Monster” series comes out, “Pokemon Diamond Pearl” remake is still doing “still”. A masterpiece that continued to be loved as a common name “Daipa” realizes a remake of last year. “Pocket Monster Brilliant Diamond”, which is responsible for that one wing, is subject to sale.

The price is quite cheap even from the entire title of this time, and the surprise of the surprise of 1,499 yen (tax included). It is unfortunately I can not buy it immediately after the start of sales, and I can not buy it immediately after the start of sales. There are also cases where you are sold in this way, so it is likely to say early in the sale.

# ■ Looking back to the name series, collectively & save! PS4 version “Biohazard 25th Episode Selection Vol. 2 / Vol. 3”

Survival Horror Action Keitaga The 25th anniversary of the “Biohazard” series, and package software that sets multiple episodes is expanded, and its “Vol. 2” and “Vol. 3” are greatly discounted. Is.

Both used prices have been remained at a half of 5,000 yen, but in this sale And a pretty attractive number. None of the titles can play, so it is quite good in terms of cost performance. If you want to play for a long time, please consider this.

In this second selling, many other target titles are lined up. If PS5 user, “Judge Eyes: Deathly God’s Remastered” (Sale price: 899 yen including tax) and “Lost Judgment: Judgment Memory” (Sale price: 3,899 yen tax included) is affordable, so it is affordable. It is also recommended to play together.

In addition, since the release of the new work is approaching, it is also unusual to play “Fire Emblem Muso” (sale price: 3,799 yen including tax). Find your favorite title from the subject to the sale and enjoy it.

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