New World: Play for free this weekend thanks to the trial period offered by Steam

New World is an MMO developed and published by Amazon Games that puts you on the skin of an adventurer in search of knowledge and power on the island of Aeternum. This island is full of secrets, biomes, missions and activities to do, but a curse stretches on this island that reduces the inhabitants to some madness. This game had a spectacular launch, almost overcoming the million players, but mistakes, lack of optimization and the content of the final game created the massive loss of players within the MMO.

Developers are working hard to offer weekly corrections and large updates, as well as new content monthly. Ancient communication problems have been solved and now players may be better informed about the future of the MMO. The headlines of this month, for example, are a new remote weapon as well as a new expedition that comes to close the first arch of the game that aims to collect new players.

a free weekend for New World

For the first time in New World, the MMO has a free weekend in Steam. From April 7 (from 7 o’clock) and until April 11 , players who want to enter Aeternum will be able to give everything to try to purge all the misfortunes of this damn island. These few days off well could make new adventurers want to try the adventure, because the servers continue to descend little by little in spite of everything.

In addition to this free trial period, the game has a good discount of -40% for standard editions and also for luxury . This offer is valid from April 7 to 18, enough to fill cities with new fresh meat for altered, enraged lands and other monsters.

New World: Journey To Max Level #1
To download the game, go to the Steam page of New World on April 7. You will be offered a “Free Weekend” tab to try the experience. The new players will separate from the rest of the players, but a future fusion of free servers will be held after the weekend to guarantee populations of healthy servers everywhere. All progress will be retained and your character will keep the place of it inside the server you have chosen.

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