NC Soft New Executive.

NCsoft (Representative Kim Taekjin) announced a new executive person who recruits Cro (Chief Research Officer, the best research officer).

AI, Digital Human, etc., expanded human resource investment in next-generation advanced technology, and raise research and development (R & D) to focus on global levels to explore mid- to long-term growth engines.

Now, CRO is a computer graphics and animation scholar that has been served as a professor of computer engineering from Seoul National University since 2003.

She served as a world-class research results in physical-based operation control, data-based motion learning and generation, and realistic human modeling field, and served as chairman of the Korean Computer Graphics Society, SIGGRAPH ASIA 2022 Technical Papers.

She recently been studying a research that actively utilizes AI technology such as deep learning and strengthening learning. In 2019, he announced the results of the world’s first deep learning technology to implement a research result of implementing the body of the human body.

■ Now Cro Profile
\ – Born in 1971
\ – Bachelor of Computer Studies (KAIST)
\ – Korea Science and Technology (KAIST) Computer Research
\ – Professor, Department of Computer Engineering, Seoul National University
\ – IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics Computer
\ – Chairman of the Korean Computer Graphics Institute (2020-2021)

\ – SIGGRAPH ASIA 2022 Technical Papers Chairperson

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