Lost Ark sheds light on his spring roadmap

Soon two months after his exit, everything seems to unfold for Lost Ark. The action-RPG phenomenon from Korea has kept its place in the top 5 most played titles on Steam and Tandem Amazon Games / Smilegate RPG maintains an active communication with the community. Like this Roadmap detailing the news program expected in April and May.

This month will see the lattice, a new advanced class of the martialist who, contrary to what his name indicates, does not put everything on his spear, since it also uses a sword. Hence the presence of two sets of distinct capacities, unleashing and focus, which are dedicated to both of these weapons. Players will also discover a new continent, Bern-South. Without great relation to our national béarn, these once sterile lands are now covered with water and greenery thanks to the settlers that have made good use of the technologies of different breeds. Bern-south becomes the second landing continent 3 after Punika, and requires an object level of 1340, can we read.

We Get a LOST ARK ROADMAP! And It's Actually Good!

For the month of May, the advanced class of the warrior, the destroyer in person, who will make headlines with his degromarto_. On the other hand, Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG allow themselves to repel the Valtan Legion Raid and Guardian Deskala raid, end-of-game content that developers do not want to introduce too quickly. “We want to give more time the time to reach the end of the game before putting the legion raids online (the ultimate raid experience of Lost Ark), and to guarantee that you can explore archeasia and progress to Your rhythm without feeling for you to rush you to the end of play content “, we say.

More information about April and May updates are available on the official game website.

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