In May, Indiquet, which is held in May,

Indie Game Exhibition ‘Indie Kraft’ held on May 25 will be recruited from the 14th.

The 2022 Indie Kraft, who is hosted by Seongnam City and the Korea Mobile Games Association, is promoted by the Korea Mobile Games Association, to the Global Indie Game Competition in 2017, and supports small and medium and indie developers with creative ideas and excellent game development..

S. Koreans to be able to use mobile payment services overseas starting May 28

Last year, I opened an online virtual game show that utilizes metabus, and proceeds to Meta Bus Platform Doro this year. In addition to PC as well as mobile as well as mobile, domestic and overseas users and industry officials can easily access.

In addition, the European Representative Game Show Games Corporation is preparing to visit the online virtual game show in addition to the 2022 period to visit the global user and industry.

In addition to the exhibition, a review of a review of a restraint, a review of a restraint and a recent company, which consists of a single-to-one mentoring and a game expert, and a total of 400 million won. In particular, the business grant can be used in the fields that the selected developer can be used in the desired area.

In addition, the Korea Mobile Games Association, which has been sponsored by the Korea Mobile Game Association, such as one-store, Exhala, Mega John Cloud, and Netmarble.

2022 IndieCraft recruits entries to April 14 and can be found in the on off mix.

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