How to play every class in samurai factions for honor

For Honor is not a traditional military simulator or fighting. But this allows players to resolve some disputes about who will win fight. The samurai faction brings a lot on the table, so let’s analyze their suggestions and find out what is better for you.

Samurai Fractions for Honor


Kenesay for samurai faction is the same that the guard for the knights. This is a simple class with decent abilities both in the attack and in defense. Unlike the guard, Kenesay has a much greater range and uses it with a wide range of heavy attacks. Add a few starters of the chain of attacks with avoidance and breakthroughs of protection, and Kenesay will be the definition of “easy to learn, difficult to learn.”


Just looking at him, you can say that Shugoki – throat. He is able to absorb all kinds of punishment and apply powerful blows to his club. It rushes into battle with a big margin of health, but do not confuse it with a clumsy nerd. Swigs are surprisingly fast and can precipitate opponents of a series of heavy blows and grippers.


“Rushing like a butterfly, desirable, like a bee” – Oryot’s motto. This agile killer is worn around the battlefield and is an unsurpassed Master of Easy Attacks. Oryota uses the arsenal of counterattacks and light beats to cause the death of thousands of cuts.


The power of Nobusi lies in its ability to poke enemies at a distance and cause exhausting bleeding. While the enemies that fit closely would be weakness, Nobusi has several universal devices that reorient the fighters in its favor. Nobusi is a difficult class for study, but one of the most useful in development.


Another killer, Shinobi, a master of counterattack and confusion. Sickles, praying from above, can not be blocked, and from the sickles that falling on the side, you can not dodge. To facilitate this storm of shocks, Shinobi is available many opening combo. Oryota matches her thesis as a killer, because it is light, fast and deadly.

Samurai for Dummies [For Honor]


Aramus is a hybrid character, full of fast attacks, fins and counterattacks. With a set full of chain attacks, Aramusha can switch attacks at any time using a fintee or cancellation to keep opponents by surprise and the course of battle in their favor.


Relying on confusion, Hishokiri often makes opponents guess. Those who are mistaken are punished with crushing severe blows. Unique for Hidokyri is the Mugen-Ryu state, which gives them access to special techniques. Some movements in their set will maintain the activity of Muen-ryu, while others will complete the condition of a powerful attack.


Koshina – mysterious warriors focused on protection and counterattacks. This is one of the most difficult classes of samurai to explore. Nevertheless, their ability to defend themselves and turn an opponent’s attack against themselves is at their own level. Players wishing to punish the opponent for mistakes will feel at home with Kyoshin.

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