Kirby has won his first Grammy

Not only _ Kirby and the Forgotten Land _ is a success in sales worldwide, but the beloved Ball pink won a Grammy during the award of yesterday . This brand the second occasion in the history of this ceremony that a composition of a videogame manages to obtain this recognition.

Well, to be exact, it was not Kirby as such who won a prize in the Grammy, but Charlie Rosen and Jake Silverman, members of 8-bit Big Band, an orchestra of 30 to 65 members who specializes in video game songs interpretations, but with a touch of jazz. This group obtained the award for a better arrangement, instrumental or abnormal by its interpretation of “Meta Knight’s Revenge” , Original song of Kirby Super Star of 1996.

This is the second time in which a videogame wins a Grammy. Recall that _ civilization IV_ obtained one of these precious awards for “Baba Yetu” in the best instrumental arrangement category that accompanies the vocalist in 2011. It will be interesting to see if a future game eventually comes to win another Grammy in the future.

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64th Annual GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony
Editor’s note:

8-Bit Big Band is a fantastic band that deserves more attention. My favorite interpretation is that of Lonely Rolling Star of Katamari Damacy. I hope this award gives them more fans, so that their productions continue to increase in quality.

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