Filtration confirms the return of Gotenks in Super Hero

While the fans look forward to a new release date for _ Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero _, more and more details about this film are filtered for the public. Now, A new piece of information has confirmed that Gotenks will appear on this tape , but not the way many expect.

For some time it was known that Goten and Trunks will have a role in Super Hero. Along with this, posters of the tape have shown these two characters by making the dance of the merger, but not in the right way. Now, thanks to a series of filtered images, has been confirmed that Gotenks in the fat version of him will appear at some point of this feature film .

This filtration shows us the design that Gotenks will have and, although Trunks already has blue hair, the merger will still have purple hair, similar to the one we saw in dragon ball z. next to this, the appearance of Gordo mode would indicate that your participation would be focused on comedy, and not so much in action.

At the moment, there is no premiere date for _Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero _ . On related topics, the return of anime of Dragon Ball Super has not been confirmed for 2023. In the same way, Gohan of the future returns to this anime.

Editor’s note:

Fat Gotenks REVEALED in Dragon Ball Super Super Hero!
Considering that Super Hero is focused on Gohan and Piccoro, characters like Gotenks have to be relegated to less important papers, which is a pity, since the merger of these two children, now teenagers, was one of the best moments of dragon ball Z.

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