Best of Free-to-Play: Fortnite, Apex und andere Gratis

“Fortnite: Battle Royale” is associated with excitement and is on everyone’s lips: be it the stream with the most viewers, clichés on television or the schoolyard hype in the USA. This free-to-play hit just passes anyone! But now a serious competitor comes first the field: “Apex Legends” broke all the user counseling after a short time. If you do not want to jump on the Battle-Royale train, there are numerous alternatives: Whether Japano Rollpielfeeling with “Final Fantasy Online”, space trips in “Star Trek online” or fantasy mood in “Neverwinter” – Free-to-Play Games are fully in trend.

»Apex Legends: Andrang on Battle-Royale Shooter is gigantic

Nearly daily, promising plants see the light of the internet across the light. The special feature: you play and pay for a penny! Hard, keeping the overview to separate the wheat’s chaff. No problem: Computer picture games played for you sample and put together the coolest free-to-play games: shooter, racing, role and strategy games! In the photo gallery you will find the 85 best representatives of your guild.

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The best free-to-play games

FREE-TO-PLAY GAMES: Breakdowns as browser games!

You do not feel like downloading a client? Then play directly in the browser – without download! There are also many browsing games with free-to-play model. Especially starting plays can be found like sand by the sea! In the gallery, the editors introduces many prominent representatives and some insider tips!

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Schlarmömenland for Umme: The best browser games

I Actually Sold My Little Brother's Fortnite Account On Ebay! He Cries


Among the free-to-play games traditionally many MMORPGs are frolic. The genre has been exercised for more than a year. Shooters are just as real tread burners. For several years, however, a new trend is on: the Mobas. This genre mix of role-playing and string game with competition character stands with games like “League of Legends”, “Smite” and “Dota 2” at the top of the food chain. The operators are looking forward to astronomical game numbers. In the gallery below you will find the best free-to-play mobas.

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The best Moba games

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