Ubisoft Insider makes fun of four unannounced games

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According to reports, Ubisoft is working on at least four unannounced games. Ubisoft is one of the largest games editors that exist. There are tons of Ubisoft development studies around the world, either by leading projects or supporting them, which means that many things always happen. In addition to that, the giant of the games has the keys of some of the largest active franchises of the industry with Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Rainbow Six and many more. In addition to that, Ubisoft has also been given the ability to work on games in the Star Wars universe, so there are tons of developing games. We already know several of them, but apparently there are some that the study has not yet detailed.

According to Tom Henderson, Ubisoft has four unannounced games, both existing and new IP franchises. No other details have been given at this time, but it can be good to hear this. This could mean that new games are being developed in franchises that have remained inactive for some time or have an unknown future. It also means that, despite the successful existing franchises of Ubisoft, it is not given up in the creation of new and exciting original games. It remains to be seen if we learn or not from any of these soon, but the future of Ubisoft looks bright.

Although working on a new version of Splinter Cell, many expect to see a new entry into the series. Perhaps Ubisoft is also allowing another team to start developing the future of the franchise, while another seeks to revive it after leaving it rest for almost a decade. From now on, Ubisoft has also remained silent about the future entries in the main line in the Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon franchises. Regardless of what Ubisoft is developing, they do not lack IP. Hopefully, we will know earlier than late, what the publisher plans so that there is no need for all the guessing games.

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